Tuesday, 17 November 2015

20 Simple Life Hacks

Down below are 20 simple life hacks that will make your life more easier

1. If you don't have a candle for emergencies a crayola will do just fine. They will last around 30 minutes.

2.  Accidentally cracked the back of your iPhone 4? Use highlighters to make it a new added feature.

3. Use clips to organise wires

4. Use a cereal plastic container as a bin in your car

5. Tie a piece of coloured ribbon on your luggage. It will help identify your luggage more easily.

6. Use your sunglasses or glasses as a stand for your phone. No more getting tired holding your phone.

7. Put old newspaper in the bottom of the bin to absorb food juices

8. Use nail polish to identify different keys

9. Use a hanging shoe rack to store your cleaning supplies

10. Sick of having tangled cords in a box? Use unused toilet rolls to store them.

11. Put an iPhone in a cup as a speaker.

12. Put a stocking over the vacuum so things that you might of loss doesn't get sucked into the vacuum.

13. Stack your clothes vertically so you could see all your clothes. Saves you from going through to see if you had that particular clothing or not.

14. Use soda pop tabs to offset hangers and save a lot of room in your closet.

15. Use accented letters in your passcode for your iPhone, no one will be able to guess it.

16. Use half a pool noodle to protect your garage wall from getting damaged by the car door.

17.  Light a stick of spaghetti to light the wick and prevent from burning yourselves.

18. Use duck tape to open tough lids

19. Use self adhesive plastic hooks to hold the plastic down.

20. Use unscented dental floss to cut cake, cheese and other soft solids evenly.

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