Saturday, 12 December 2015

Benefits of Having Short Hair

So recently I had just cut my hair so the hair would just be touching the shoulder. I used to have short hair all the time when I was younger and I absolutely hated it because I think that it didn't suit me. Surprisingly I was alright this time when I cut my hair short and it made me realise that their are a lot of good benefits of having short hair.

This was me before I cut my hair:

I know you can't see my hair entirely but you can tell that it's long. It was past my shoulder.

This was me after I cut my hair:

So the benefits of cutting you hair short is:

1. It dries faster.
It's as straight forward as it is. Having less hair means that it will take less time for it to dry.

2. It is easier to clean.
It's fairly easy to maintain. Unlike long hair, you don't need to use a ton of shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair.

3.  No tangles
It's an obvious one. Having short hair means less tangles and less breakage. Compared to having long hair, having short hair means that when you brush your comb through your hair, it won't likely get caught.

4. Makes you look younger.
This is a big yes for older women who want to look younger. I personally don't like this benefit because, having short hair makes me look like a kid and having long hair makes me look more mature.

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