Thursday, 12 November 2015

All about Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil. Many people have been swept of their feet with this amazing plant oil. Coconut oil has been proven to have many health benefits for the body, internally and externally. The only real question is - How is it made?

Coconut oil is usually produced from Copra. Copra is basically the dry meat of the coconut and there are various methods to extracting the oil from the copra.

The first method of making coconut oil is called 'Wet Milling'.
Wet milling consists of using a brown maturing coconut and scoping all the copra (meat) out of the coconut oil. Then cutting all the copra into pieces and putting it in a food processor. After it the food processor shreds it is filtered over and over again until all the coconut milk is fine and has no clumps in it. After it is filtered the coconut oil is left for 24 hours until the oil and the curd is separated. Then the curd is moved from the oil.

The second method of making coconut oil using the cold press method. For this method the copra has to be dried. The dried coconut is then put in a mechanical press where the coconut milk is pressed out from the meat. The process is repeated again until all the coconut milk is being pressed out. Then the milk is stored until the curd and oil is separates. Then the curd is removed from the oil.

The last method is boiling the coconut oil. The coconut meat is extracted from the coconut and is blended with water. Then it is strained and the the coconut liquid is boiled until the water has evaporated and the cream has separated and turned brown.

Those are the methods that is used to make coconut oil.

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